How to take part in the conference

International scientific and methodological conferences "Contemporary art and Innovations in education»

It is possible to take part in the conference as: a) lecturer, b) listener.
There are two forms of participation in the conference - full-time and part-time (remote).
With full-time participation: (reports are published in the collection)
- Rapporteur shall transmit the materials on its report electronically, and then personally present and making the presentation at the conference;
- the listener is personally present at the meetings of the conference.
With correspondence participation: (reports are published in the collection)
- Rapporteur shall transmit the materials on its report electronically and is able to listen to presentations of colleagues through the Internet (in the record); reports of the participants included in General collection
- the listener has the opportunity to listen to the reports of colleagues via the Internet (in the recording).


Stage 1:

Deadline for submission (as a lecturer): October 23, 2020.
Deadline for applying for the conference (as a listener): November 2, 2020.

Registration of a conference participant (as a speaker):
Send the following materials to the organizing Committee (via the form "registration for the conference") :
1) conference speaker questionnaire (download in Word, PDF format)
2) Abstracts (one page of typewritten text)

Registration of the conference participant (as a listener):
To send to the organizing Committee (at the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) the following materials:
1) conference participant Questionnaire (download in Word, PDF format)

Stage 2:

Information for the speaker:
After the organizing Committee approves the abstracts, it is necessary to send a report to the organizing Committee (see Section "technical requirements for the presentation").
Deadline for submission of the report: October 23, 2020.

Information for the listener:
- a full-time listener receives a conference participant badge (on the first day of the conference) and attends scheduled sessions.
- time listener gets a reference to the inventory of the conference.


1) format of the submitted reports: MS Word (doc, docx, rtf), font Times New Roman, spacing 1.5, size 14, margins on each side of the sheet 2 cm.
2) the Minimum volume of the report for the collection – 3 pages. maximum-12 pages.
3) in the upper right corner of the report, please indicate: full name of the author, academic degree, title, city and organization; below — the title of the article in Russian or English.
4) the list of references is made in alphabetical order, automatic links are not allowed.
5) language of reports: Russian.
6) participants ' Reports should correspond to the theme of the conference. The organizing Committee reserves the right to reject applications that do not correspond to the theme of the conference, as well as edit the submitted materials in their preparation for publication. All materials are the exclusive property of the authors. Taking part in the Conference, the authors undertake to ensure that no property claims will arise against the organizers. The organizing Committee of the Conference undertakes not to use the materials at its disposal for commercial purposes.

This conference is useful for a wide audience of artists, masters, representatives of the media, representatives of the gallery business, employees of higher education, heads of various departments of organizations of culture and education both in terms of professional orientation work and in terms of scientific exchange with colleagues from different regions of Russia and abroad.
This project is an excellent permanent communication platform-laboratory, in which live processes, skills, techniques and programs are practiced.